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With the rapid emergence and growth of the United States' cannabis industry, navigating the legal boundaries and requirements can prove difficult for new, as well as established, cultivators, distributors, and dispensaries.

We're not just your consultants. We're on your team.

Cannabis companies require complex, accurate accounting in order to remain compliant and audit ready. Holding a license does not always ensure your company will be sustainable. The risk of being shut down or possibly incurring large penalties and/or fines, due to poor accounting practices, is a risk that you don't need to take.

FTC Group understands the complex and unique accounting issues that cannabis CEOs face. As a team, we:

  • Maximize your deductions under the constraints of 280E and utilize IRS Code Section 471.
  • Offer various virtual accounting and Controller services.
  • Work as part of a network of over 200 cannabis exclusive professionals that provide accounting, tax, and legal services to this industry.
  • Can partner with someone from our network or your own tax accountant to complete your back office team.

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FTC Group

Our Services

All of our services are offered virtually, which means no geographical limitations, no overhead, quick response times and ultimate flexibility. 

  • What is virtual accounting?
  • Business Transaction Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources

Everything you need. Anywhere you are.

It is no longer necessary to hire, train, house, and pay a full-time accountant, nor is it necessary to locate an accounting firm “down the street” to handle your accounting needs. 

Business owners now have the luxury of finding an accounting firm who best meets their needs, regardless of their location. 

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Business Transaction Accounting

We help you maintain impeccable records and keep payments on track with the following services:

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Financial Management

Whether you're starting, building or maintaining your business, we can help keep your finances healthy with services such as:

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Our Team

North Carolina Office

North Carolina Office






Director of Human Resources

Stress less. Grow more.

There are a number of financial challenges that cannabis CEOs must overcome in order to be successful. Our accounting team helps you confidently navigate state and federal compliance rules and master your day to day financial operations and reporting.

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FTC Group

By the Numbers


Billion dollar global cannabis market by 2026 (BSDA, 2022).


Average U.S. dispensary employee turnover from June 2021-May 2022 (Headset, July 2022).


Approximate percentage of newly-hired budtenders who quit within the first month (Headset, July 2022).


Approximate startup cost of a regulated cannabis dispensary (Statista, 2017).

FTC Group

Mastering the “3 Ps” to Survive in a Canna Business


Connecting with your employees, customers and community.


Defining processes to guide employees and cover your bases.


Being adaptable and finding success in an ever-changing industry.

Find your peace of mind.

Whether it's complying with industry-specific tax laws or streamlining your accounting processes, you need experienced professionals who can play the numbers game and are fully committed to providing strategic business solutions and accounting services in a complex, evolving industry.

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