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In today’s every changing world of technology and entrepreneurial driven individuals, you never know what new industry may appear on your doorstep. Over the years, we have worked with a wide variety of industries and service related businesses. Cannabis has, by far, been the most interesting, exciting and ….. CHALLENGING! In an effort to provide the absolute best service and attention to our clients, FTC Group only works with businesses in the Cannabis space. We try to align ourselves with companies whose mission is similar to ours and that excite us the most. This is why you come to work, right?  

Please see our list of the services we provide to see if we might be a good match for you and your business. We would love to learn about your business while sharing our financial expertise to help you meet your business goals and grow your dream business!

FTC Group

What you get

Compare what a Canna CEO gets from various providers:

What You GetEstablished CPA Firm:Trained QuickBooks Bookkeeper:Cannabis Accountant:In-House Staff/CFO:FTC Group LLC:
Low costs and no taxes, insurance or turnover
Data Entry of Expenses and Deposits
Professional Onboarding/Cleanup
Proprietary Chart of Accounts for all Cannabis Sub-Industries
Solid Record Keeping (support docs attached to each transaction)
Bookkeeping (Bank/Credit Card recs, Basic financials Printed)
Accountant/CPA review of entry and Recs
Preparation of GAAP Accruals, including required cost accounting
Preparation of Month End CFO Level Tie Out Report
Proprietary Self Review System that checks/catches mistakes monthly
Preparation of Professional/GAAP Financials and Month End Reports
Preparation of 6 Month Rolling Cash forecast
Other Services: Payroll, Compliance, Sales and Use tax, etc.
Other Value Add documents (Models, HR docs, KPIs, Dashboards, etc.)
280e Tax workpapers (convert GAAP to 280e/471 ready)
Tax Prep, Annual Tax Planning, Strategic Planning
Perpetual Data Room

FTC Group

Why choose us

  • 24/7 file access. Corporate, financial, tax and insurance contracts on the cloud are always ready - any day, every day - for investors, lenders and auditors.
  • Fixed Fee Pricing. We grow as you grow.
  • More Cash. Increased Margins, better tax planning, maximized deductions.
  • More Time and Peace of Mind. Less CEO time on financials and worry about compliance.
  • More Expertise. Our network has many CPAs, CFOs, attorneys, MBAs, bookkeepers, all experts in cannabis.
  • Better Compliance. Records and accounting are more robust.
  • Responsive and reliable. We're available when you need us.

FTC Group

Our value to CEOs

We estimate the increased value to your firm by offering the above services to increase overall entity value by 4-15% and always at a cost lower than 2% of foreward revenues, meaning our service is a net benefit to your company.

Most Accountants simply don't offer this level of service, and an outsourced CFO might offer some of the above at a much higher cost. Full time accounting staff will cost much more as well.


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