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Virtual Accounting

Discover how FTC Group financial consulting can efficiently handle your accounting needs with Virtual accounting services.  Our ability to react immediately to your needs and advise you about the specific needs of your industry is invaluable and cost-effective!

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What is Virtual Accounting?

Virtual accounting has become commonplace for US businesses, both large and small.

Technology changes, but basic accounting methods do not.  It is no longer necessary to hire, train, house, and pay a full-time accountant, nor is it necessary to locate an accounting firm “down the street” to handle your accounting needs.

Business owners now have the luxury of finding an accounting firm who best meets their needs, understands their specific industry, can be immediately available to access necessary information, works only when there are specific needs, has immediate access to the financial records of their firm, and can provide support to existing bookkeeping/accounting personnel, regardless of their location. 

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How can it help my business?

How can Virtual accounting help your business?

The cost of hiring, training, providing office space and supplies, overhead, etc. has increased and is continuing to rise. Virtual contractors do not require these costs, nor do they have to be kept busy when there are not accounting needs. They do not encumber your payroll system, require insurance, PTO, or any other company benefits supplied to direct employees.

Using a well-qualified accounting professional with knowledge of your industry who is well-versed in all aspects of business accounting as a Virtual contractor is an extremely efficient and cost-effective way to ensure that your accounting needs are met.

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Are there risks?

Are there risks to using Virtual accounting services?

It is important to choose a Virtual accounting firm who use encrypted email, has a secure website, is (bonded/insured), has client references, and is transparent in their rates. The accounting firm and its employees must always sign non-disclosure documents with your company.

Our firm has over 30 years of experience in bookkeeping, accounting, and business management in a wide variety of industries.  We have many satisfied clients who have embraced and enjoyed the advantages of our Virtual accounting services. With our variety of monthly plans and payment options, we can accommodate the accounting needs of businesses of all sizes.