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Mastering the “3 Ps” to Survive in a Canna Business

  • People
  • Policies
  • Perseverance



  • Understanding that you can not do every job in your company. Know the areas that you excel at and hire the rest.
  • Know your target employee and learn how to communicate with them.
  • Train, teach and mentor
  • Find out what makes them tick and how to motivate them.
  • Know the pay ranges in your area.


  • Understand your customer base and make connections with them.
  • Set yourself apart by building relationships
  • Educate


  • Get involved in your local community
  • Open houses
  • Educate


  • You should have a policy (SOP) for every function in your operation
  • Staff should be aware of policies from Day 1
  • In such a highly regulated industry, multiple agencies or other organizations could request a policy. For example: your bank might ask for your anti-laundering policy or your insurance company might want to see your accident reporting policy.
  • Policies allow your managers and staff to know how to proceed when you aren’t there.


  • This is a highly regulated, competitive market. Laws, regulations and the market can change overnight. Always be ready to pivot.
  • Due to Federal scheduling of cannabis, 280E is a concern that everyone must understand and be aware of. It is very difficult to make money in this industry. Understand that and follow the law but know that you will not be an overnight millionaire in this business.
  • What is your mission and why are you doing this? Let that be the guide to pushing you to keep going on the tough days.